Peer-reviewed publications

2022. “From Local Champions to Global Players: A Long-Term Perspective on Swiss Companies’ Connections Across Territorial Scales.” (with André Mach) Global Networks (online first) [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information] [Data]

2022. “A Policy-Centred Approach to Inter-Municipal Cooperation.” (with Pirmin Bundi) Public Management Review (online first) [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information]

2022. “Participatory Processes and their Outcomes: Comparing Assembly and Popular Vote Decisions.” (with Alice el-Wakil) European Political Science Review 14(3): 441-458 [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information]

2022. “Who Supports Metropolitan Integration? Citizens’ Perceptions of City-Regional Governance in Western Europe.” West European Politics 45(5): 1081-1106 [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information]
→ Winner of the Young Scholar Award 2018 of the European Urban Research Association

2021. “Citizens’ Attitudes Towards Local Autonomy and Inter-local Cooperation: Evidence from Western Europe.” (with Daniel Kübler) Comparative European Politics 19(2): 188-207. [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Materials]

2019. “Why Voluntary Municipal Merger Projects Fail: Evidence from Popular Votes in Switzerland.” Local Government Studies 45 (5): 654-675. [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Materials]

2019. “The Importance of Input and Output Legitimacy in Democratic Governance. Evidence from a Population-based Survey Experiment in Four West European Countries.” (with Daniel Kübler and Frank Marcinkowski) European Journal of Political Research 58 (2): 488-513. [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Materials] [Data]

2018. “Incented Voluntary Municipal Mergers as a Two-Stage Process: Evidence from the Swiss Canton of Friboug.” Urban Affairs Review 54 (2): 267-301.  [Link] [.pdf]

Other publications

2021. “Getting Rid of Their Ties: The Long-Term Evolution of Elite Networks and Profiles in the Three Largest Swiss Cities, 1890-2020.” (with Baptiste Antoniazza and André Mach) Archiv für Sozialgeschichte 61: 161-180 [.pdf]

Book review

2019. “Close to Home: Local Ties and Voting Radical Right in Europe” Swiss Political Science Review 25(2): 195-198. [Link] [.pdf]

Public policy evaluation

2019. “Massnahmen zur Erhaltung und Förderung der rätoromanischen und italienischen Sprache und Kultur im Kanton Graubünden” ( Evaluation for the Swiss Federal Office of Culture; with Corsin Bisaz, Emilienne Kobelt, Caroline Rausch, Daniel Kübler, and Andreas GlaserStudienberichte des Zentrums für Demokratie Aarau 16 [Link] [.pdf]

Articles under review

“The Political Economy of Territorial Consolidation Referendums” [Presented at the SPSA Annual Conference 2021, EPSA Annual Conference 2021] [r&r]

“The Urban Left in Power: Comparing ‘Municipal Socialists’ to the ‘New Urban Left’.” (with Baptiste Antoniazza and André Mach) [Presented at the ECPR Joint Sessions 2021] [r&r]

“The Residential Logics of Swiss Urban Elites (1890-2020): Continuity and Change Across Elite Categories.” (with Pierre Benz, Roberto di Capua and André Mach) [Presented at the 2021 Conference of the French Sociological Association and at the SPSA Annual Conference 2022] [under review]

“Populism and the Scales of Statehood. Localism and Populist Attitudes in Western Europe.” (with Daniel Kübler and Frank Marcinkowski) [Presented at the ECPR General Conference 2022] [under review]

“The Impact of Jurisdictional Mergers on Vote Choice” (with Arjan H. Schakel) [Presented at the MPSA Annual Conference 2021] [under review]

“The Power of Swiss Patrician Families: Between Decline and Persistence (1890-1957).” (with Pierre Benz, Pedro Araujo, Geoffroy Legentilhomme, André Mach, Steven Piguet, and Emilie Widmer) [Presented at EUSN 2022] [under review]

Working papers

“The Political Consequences of Territorial Reforms: Voting for Populist Radical Right Parties after Municipal Mergers?” [Presented at the SPSA Annual Conference 2020] [.pdf]

“The Rise of the Left in Swiss Cities, 1980-2020.” (with Sean Mueller) [Presented at the SPSA Annual Conference 2022] [.pdf]

“The Effects of Territorial Reforms on Political Disaffection” (with Sven Hegewald) [Presented at the ECPR General Conference 2022 and at the APSA Annual Meeting 2022] [.pdf]