Peer-reviewed publications

Antoniazza, Baptiste, Mach, André and Strebel, Michael A. (2023). “The urban left in power: Comparing ‘municipal socialists’ to the ‘new urban left’.” Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.

Strebel, Michael A. (2023). “The political economy of territorial integration referendums.” Territory, Politics, Governance (online first) [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information]

Strebel, Michael A. and Mach, André. (2022). “From local champions to global players: A long-term perspective on Swiss companies’ connections across territorial scales.” Global Networks (online first) [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information] [Data]

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el-Wakil, Alice and Strebel, Michael A. (2022). “Participatory processes and their outcomes: Comparing assembly and popular vote decisions.” European Political Science Review 14(3): 441-458 [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information]

Strebel, Michael A. (2022). “Who supports metropolitan integration? Citizens’ perceptions of city-regional governance in Western Europe.” West European Politics 45(5): 1081-1106 [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Information]
→ Winner of the Young Scholar Award 2018 of the European Urban Research Association

Strebel, Michael A. and Kübler, Daniel. (2021). “Citizens’ attitudes towards local autonomy and inter-local cooperation: Evidence from Western Europe.” Comparative European Politics 19(2): 188-207. [Link] [.pdf] [Supplementary Materials]

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Strebel, Michael A. (2018). “Incented voluntary municipal mergers as a two-stage process: Evidence from the Swiss canton of Fribourg.” Urban Affairs Review 54 (2): 267-301. [Link] [.pdf]

Other publications

Strebel, Michael A., Antoniazza, Baptiste and Mach, André 2021. “Getting rid of their ties: The long-term evolution of elite networks and profiles in the three largest Swiss cities, 1890-2020.” Archiv für Sozialgeschichte 61: 161-180 [.pdf]

Book review

Strebel Michael A. (2019). “Close to home: Local ties and voting radical right in Europe” Swiss Political Science Review 25(2): 195-198. [Link] [.pdf]

Public policy evaluation

Bisaz, Corsin, Kobelt, Emilienne, Rausch, Caroline, Strebel, Michael A., Glaser, Andreas and Kübler, Daniel. (2019). “Massnahmen zur Erhaltung und Förderung der rätoromanischen und italienischen Sprache und Kultur im Kanton Graubünden” (Evaluation for the Swiss Federal Office of Culture) Studienberichte des Zentrums für Demokratie Aarau 16 [.pdf]


Kübler, Daniel, Lavenex, Sandra, Buess, Michael, Welge, Rebecca, Strebel, Michael A., Bernauer, Thomas, Ewert, Christian, Freyburg, Tina, Mohrenberg, Steffen, and Winzen, Thomas (2019). “Democratic governance and citizenship survey.” Distributed by FORS [Link]

Articles under review

Benz, Pierre, Araujo, Pedro, Legentilhomme, Geoffroy, Mach, André, Piguet, Steven, Strebel, Michael A. and Widmer, Emilie. “The power of Swiss patrician families: Between decline and persistence (1890-1957).” [Presented at EUSN 2022] [r&r]

Strebel, Michael A. and Schakel, Arjan H. “The impact of jurisdictional mergers on vote choice” [Presented at the MPSA Annual Conference 2021] [r&r]

Benz, Pierre, Strebel, Michael A., di Capua, Roberto and Mach, André. “The residential logics of Swiss urban elites (1890-2020): Continuity and change across elite categories.” [Presented at the 2021 Conference of the French Sociological Association and at the SVPW Annual Conference 2022] [under review]

Book project

Mach, André, Araujo, Pedro, Benz, Pierre, Debluë, Claire-Lise, Legentilhomme, Geoffroy and Strebel, Michael A. (eds.). “Du patriciat à l’élite globalisée. Transformations du pouvoir dans les grandes villes suisses, 1890-2020”

Working papers

Hegewald, Sven and Strebel, Michael A. “The effects of territorial reforms on political disaffection.” [Presented at the ECPR General Conference 2022, the APSA Annual Meeting 2022, the DPSA Conference 2022, the SVPW Annual Conference 2023, and at the MPSA Annual Conference 2023] [.pdf]

Kübler, Daniel, Strebel, Michael A. and Marcinkowski, Frank. “Populism and the scales of statehood. Localism and populist attitudes in Western Europe.” [Presented at the ECPR General Conference 2022]

Mueller, Sean and Strebel, Michael A. “The rise of the left in Swiss cities, 1980-2020.” [Presented at the SVPW Annual Conference 2022, and at the ECPR Joint Sessions 2023] [.pdf]

Strebel, Michael A. “The political consequences of territorial reforms: Voting for populist radical right parties after municipal mergers?” [Presented at the SVPW Annual Conference 2020] [.pdf]