Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

2018. “Incented Voluntary Municipal Mergers as a Two-Stage Process: Evidence from the Swiss Canton of Friboug.” Urban Affairs Review 54 (2): 267-301.  [Link] [.pdf]

Working Papers

“Do Policy Attributes Matter? A Policy-Centred Approach to European Integration” (with Pirmin Bundi) [Presented at EPSA 2017, ECPR 2017] [.pdf]

“The Impact of the November 2015 Terrorist Attacks in Paris on Public Opinion: A  Natural Experiment.” (with Marco Steenbergen) [Presented at MPSA 2017]  [.pdf]

“Citizen-Elite Congruence? Attitudes Towards Local Governance Reforms in Switzerland and Germany.” (with Oliver Dlabac) [Presented at the Annual Congress of the Swiss Political Science Association 2017] [.pdf]

“Congruence or Compensation? How Support for Subnational Democracy is Linked to Support for Metropolitan Integration.” [Presented at IPSA 2016] [.pdf]

“How Citizens’ Views of Democracy Impact Their Evaluation of Metropolitan Governance Arrangements: Evidence from a Comparative Survey Experiment.” (with Daniel Kübler and Frank Marcinkowski) [Presented at ECPR 2016, 3-Länder-Tagung 2016] [.pdf]

“A Policy-Centred Analysis of Intergovernmental Cooperation: Swiss Concordats in Public Debates.” (with Christian Ewert) [Presented at APSA 2015] [.pdf]