My Research as Improvisation Theatre

On Thursday, October 12th, I give a short overview of my research @Flösserplatz in Aarau which will then be reinterpreted by the Improv groups Hirschwahn and The Catalyst. Come and enjoy the show! @LaDérivée Yverdon

The association has been invited by the association ICI to organize a public deliberation event on September 3, 2017 for the upcoming popular votes in Switzerland . Everyone is welcome to join and discuss (in french).

Newspaper Article

2016. “Elite vs. Volk” Kommunalmagazin 33(5): 26-28. [.pdf]

Blog Posts

2016. “Angst vor Machtverlust verhindert Gemeindenfusionen.” DeFacto-Blog [Link]

2016. “‘Yes I Do’ – Why Municipalities Merge When They Are Not Forced To.” Urban Affairs Forum [Link]